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Our West Island Personal Trainers

At Fusion X, we're not just a gym; we're a team of dedicated fitness coaches committed to sculpting the best version of you. Our collective passion for health and wellness drives every workout plan, every nutrition guide, and every personalized coaching session.

Why Trust Our Team?

Expertise: Our coaches are industry-certified with a wealth of experience in transforming lives. 

Personalized Approach: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Your fitness journey is uniquely yours, and our coaches tailor programs to match your goals.

Motivators, Not Drill Sergeants: Expect tough love, encouragement, and unwavering support from a team that genuinely cares about your success.



Trainer | Owner


Hi, I’m Melanie personal trainer and co-owner of Gym FusionX.

Having the opportunity of training myself from the get-go and being a super active mom, helped

me to find my purpose in training people.


As we all know, life is full of ups and downs and one

of the best outlets for stress relief is exercising. Training is not only about the physical aspect

but the whole package deal! This is where I come in, to guide you on this mission that can be

perplexing for some.


Don't worry, and let's get you ready to train in a fun, effective, and safe way!



Trainer | Owner


Sacha Robin has been a fitness trainer since 2007 and gym owner since 2014 and continues to find new ways to challenge his clients.


Being specialized in one thing isn't enough when you want to help as many people as you can. With powerlifting being Sacha's main focus he realized branching out was the next step to help groups and individuals attain their goals.


Weight loss, body sculpting, and putting on muscle mass were goals that people had so Sacha learned the best ways to teach people the proper training for their specific needs.


Sacha's on a mission to introduce his innovative style of training with the intent of leaving certain gym stigmas behind.


Progressive overload is the only way to get better. Let me show you what I mean.



Trainer | Owner


I specialize in: Stability / Athleticism / Core Strength / Lean Muscle Building

What I love about fitness is that you are never done learning!


New techniques and information are never lacking when it comes to working out. I love that at its core training is a great lesson on self-improvement. You will build much more than a strong body once you commit to training.

I like to stay purposeful with my selection of workouts, whether working on hypertrophy, explosiveness adding a grueling burnout at the end of a set, the main goal is to stay focused on improving the quality of the next rep. 

PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. That’s the journey, that’s the goal and that’s the message we preach in the gym, in life, and with clients.
If you are looking to challenge yourself, improve your knowledge about nutrition, fitness, and healthy living. 

Contact me; whether it's training, nutrition, or coaching, and let's make it happen.


Sports, Stocks, Training,




Abdel believes in a life with no physical restrictions. His philosophy of training is ‘’challenge yourself to change yourself."  From postural alignment work to strength and conditioning he loves the quality of movement.


He will help you to physically and mentally surpass yourself. He is a well-balanced athlete that played over 15 years of football and made it to a professional level.


He now focuses on running, training, and coaching. He believes that everyone is an athlete no matter the age. He will help people discover their own physical potential and share their passion with others. He is a naturopath that likes to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle.


  • HIIT and functional training specialist

  • Strength and conditioning specialist

  • Weight loss specialist

  • Personal trainer specialist (YMCA)

  • Corrective condition specialist

  • Bootcamp specialist

  • Fms level 1 and 2 (functional movement screening)

  • Naturopath





My Name is Daniel Saintiche, I love training and have used this to love to acquire a great pool of knowledge about health and fitness. Through my certifications and over 40 years in the industry, I look to pass this on to my clients in a fun educational way.

See you at FusionX!

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My name is Dana, I am 34 years old. I have a degree in psychology and I am certified as a personal trainer and health coach.

 I am a Pilates and Zumba instructor as well. 

Helping others to improve their physical and mental health is my passion, that is why I love my job so much. 

I can help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated during the process.


Fusion X Gym is proud to offer high-quality training programs and personalized training services for all fitness levels in DDO, Pierrefonds and all areas of the West Island. 

Join today and start working on a better version of yourself!

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