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Attention all clients training at Fusion X gym. Starting May 1st we will be incorporating a new user app for the gym called Gym Master. It will allow you to track your workouts, programs, and membership options as well as pay and set up pre-Authorized payments online.


We ask all members to scan the code below to download the app and set up your profile.


For those who are only doing personal training we will be applying for a monthly membership of 5.99+tx. This will allow you to enjoy 24/7 access to the gym to train on your own time, receive written programs from your trainer and track your workouts more in depthly.


Again, these changes will be enforced in 2 weeks so there is time to get everything set up. Everything going forward will be automated and programmed with the app so it is mandatory for all members to make a profile. We know that this may have some adjustment issues which is why you have 2 weeks to come ask one of either Chris, Mel or Sacha to set you up.


Recap: The 5.99/month membership is mandatory and only applicable to members getting 1/1 training. The Key FOBS will all be updated to follow its new programming May 1st so make sure your membership is properly set up by then.


Choices are: -4/7 full-time membership 49.99+tx/month -8pm-8am weeknight/ unlimited weekends 24.99+tx/month -Ladies special 24/7 full time 29.99+tx/month


-Personal trainers membership 5.99+tx/month 24/7 access *must be doing a minimum of 1 training session a week


Thanks for your time and contact us for any inquiries or if you are having trouble setting up your account.


From the team, FusionX strong

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