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Get Started at Our West Island Gym

Achieving true results requires dedication, consistency, knowledge, and time. Our Transformation programs are meticulously designed to deliver visible and functional outcomes. These comprehensive packages include one-on-one training, expert nutritional guidance, personalized written programs, and discounted 24/7 gym access. What sets us apart from commercial gyms is our hands-on approach, which has consistently led to remarkable transformations for our clients.

Are you struggling to shed body fat, maintain a consistent routine, or make significant strength gains? It may be time to let FusionX guide you.

Our all-inclusive packages offer pay-as-you-go sessions, a tailored meal plan, access to our Gym App, a fitness evaluation, a courtesy towel, and the use of a body composition scale. Discover more about our complimentary memberships and special savings by completing the pre-assessment and scheduling a consultation with our coordinator. Get to know our dedicated coaches below…

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