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Why bring your clients to Fusion X Gym West Island?

We welcome all fitness professionals and trainers here in DDO and Pierrefonds so Contact Us! Come see our facility and see for yourself why there is a great opportunity to grow yourself and your business!

Aside from our in-house training programs we also work with local independent fitness pros (freelance trainers) who want a facility to work with their clients.


First, we create your trainer profile with our gymmaster software allowing you to schedule your sessions


Option A

Cost: 10$ a person


For this option we register your client(s) for a fee of $99.99+tx. This will grant the client 24/7 access to the facility and allows you to schedule them for sessions. (This registration is valid for 12 months).


If you or your client would rather do a monthly pre-authorized payment plan there is an option from $9.99+tx/month 


Once registered, they will be granted access like a regular member and can be scheduled for training sessions at a special rate of

10$ a session.



*There is a one time 10$ fob/activation fee for the pre-authorized payment plan

PNG image-AD2AA4D8A0D4-1.png

Option B


Cost: 15$ a person

You can train clients without registering them to the gym but they must still be scheduled in our system as a DROP IN CLIENT.

PNG image-BD15946CC784-1.png

*In both cases you control what you charge your client as this transaction is between the two of you.


**Payment to the gym can be done right after the session, or on a weekly basis after verifying your bookings in the schedule


***The 9.99$/month membership can be covered by either the Trainer or Client depending on their agreement.


****Our special rate of 10$ a client is only applicable if the subscription is valid otherwise the fee is the drop in rate of 15$


If you are interested in coming to see the gym in person contact us right away, there is plenty of opportunity here for all types of trainers and we hope to work with you today.



Thank you for your message!

Join us and be part of West Island's personal trainers growing community 

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