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  • Where are you located?
    We are conveniently located at 4736 blvd. St Jean. Local 201. Buzz 209 at the entrance.
  • Are you locally owned?
    Proud trainers/owners Sascha, Melanie, and Chris all live on the West Island and are passionate about doing their part in helping keep the community healthy.
  • How do I start?
    Personal Training/Custom programs: Try Our 1 min assessment scorecard, a Personal trainer will review your answers and contact you about which personal training option is right for you. FusionX Online Fitness Consultation Memberships: You can sign up online for any of our memberships, choices are: *24/7 access *Overnight (starting at 8pm until 8am on weekdays. Unlimited weekend access) *Ladies special After picking your option you will be redirected to our member portal where the sign up will be completed. To complete the sign up you will need to fill in your billing details, up load a government ID and a digital signature.
  • What makes Fusion X different from other gyms?
    FusionX is a fitness facility for Trainers to comfortably work with their clients one on one. We are a community where health and self-improvement are number 1. Our expertise and connections with those in various fields of health, such as training, nutrition, meal prep and planning, bodybuilding, athleticism, and functionality. Makes FusionX a true hub of knowledgeable people with invaluable information.
  • What's the cost of a session?
    Every trainer has a different approach in how they program their client. They all have different skills and expertise levels. This is why we allow the trainer to determine their price individually with each client.
  • Why work out with a trainer?
    45 min- 1 hour with a good trainer is way more effective than the avg. gym goer accomplishes in 2-3 hrs. It's not just about the results though. As trainers, we feel it's our responsibility to be a good example for our clients. We develop personal connections with them and are proud to see them apply what they learn here to their personal lives.
  • Are you 24/7
    Only Trainers and Full-time members have access to 24/7. Check our membership options for more info.
  • Are there any annual maintenance or cancellation fees?
    Each membership has a one time 10$ activation fee applied on your first bill.
  • How do I get in the facility?
    Our security system requires you to scan before entry, Only valid memberships will gain entry. Members can either use a Fob or scan the QR code using the Gymmaster app with their phone.
  • What is Gymmaster?
    Gymmaster is our membership/subscription platform. Its software handles all of our administrative tasks and gives our members more perks and options with their membership. So you are definitely going to want to download. Just download the Gymmaster member app in your App Store. Once downloaded choose the “Get my login option” and follow the instructions to set up a password. Once set up you will now be able to use your app to enter the building, track your gym workouts, schedule, and more… This app has a lot of features that we will be slowly rolling out so feel free to ask us about it more!
  • How do I cancel?
    We don’t lock you into long term contracts! giving you the flexibility to cancel your payments at any time. You can begin the cancellation process by logging onto Gymmaster. Select “memberships” then choose “cancel” Please provide a reason for your Cancellation and submit. There is no cancellation fee, But if you decide to rejoin in the future you will need to re-pay the 10$ activation fee.
  • How much for a day pass?
    A day pass costs 15$ and is valid for 24hrs
  • What is the minimum age to join?
    The minimum age to join is 16 and requires a parent or guardians signature.
  • Can I “hold or pause” my membership?
    We offer each member up to 4 weeks of “hold” time a year.
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