Our mission

To give the best private gym experience in the west island. Offering flexible no-commitment memberships and specialized personal training.

We are FUSION X 


In collaboration with local fitness professionals we are proud to have come up with a special Membership for clients who purchase personal training sessions.


The membership is 5.99$ a month and offers you 24/7 access to the gym so long as you are actively training with a personal trainer minimum once a week.


Our Trainers specialize in all aspects

Weight loss/ weight management

Muscle building

Increasing cardio

Movement and flexibility 

Rehab/injury prevention

Nutrition and meal prep


By opening our doors to other local fitness professionals, who also share our passion for all things fit and healthy. We have produced a positive, strong growing community of hard workers who wish to achieve higher and constantly improve. 


Why get a trainer?

More effective workout

Learn as you grow

Lower risk of injury

Save time

Look better and become better

Become more confident and accountable as you see every other aspect of your life improved

Our West Island personal trainers

Our 3 owners/ In house personal trainers offer a vast pool of knowledge in all things Fitness or Health-related. They are continuously looking to learn and improve and are each passionate about passing on what they learn. Come to our West Island gym and start working in a better version of yourself. 

Our facility

Being a private facility has allowed us to focus on the quality of the equipment, from Cables, Deadlifts, Squat racks, Cardio, and everything in between we have you covered! We are constantly adding and upgrading equipment to enhance the experience.





Enjoy the security of knowing that only those with an active key fob can gain entry.
When you scan your key fob, the system authenticates your membership and grants
you access to the gym. The key fob is valid for the duration of the membership which
must be renewed each month and can be done online (click here). This, along with our
security cameras, allows us to grant 24 hrs access to members.




Personal Trainer Packages

Referral Program

FusionX Gym is introducing a Referral Discount for our current members!

From Now on Members will be able to refer up to 3 new signups!!!


Independent  and freelance trainers

FusionX was founded by trainers and so we know the business inside out. Big gyms offer an opportunity to see a bigger pool of potential clients, but management will always take a hefty cut in one way or another. Other places require high rent payments to use their facilities. We offer a great rate for Freelance Trainers as well as promotion for being affiliated here.

Why you should bring your clients to FusionX Gym on the West Island?


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